Coast Salish Spinning Workshop

Saturday March 17| 1 pm – 4pm

Join Coast Salish spinning specialist Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa in learning about traditional Coast Salish fibres such as mountain goat wool, wool from the Coast Salish Wolley dog, Indian hemp/dogbane, stinging nettles and fireweed fluff. Discover how these fibres were prepared, and the tools used to spin them. Examine and touch samples of fibres to get an appreciation of the skills and mastery required to spin them into magnificent robes and blankets.
A slideshow covering some of the history and evolution of Coast Salish spinning and its evolution will highlight spinning characteristics that you can see in the yarns in the blankets and robes on display.
Try your hand at spinning, starting with the age-old method of thigh spinning and then use hand spindles and traditional large spindles often with ornately carved whorls. You will spin with sheep wool, feathers, stinging nettle and some dog wool.
At the end of the workshop, you will have more understanding of Coast Salish textiles and especially the yarns used to make them. Take home the samples yarns you’ve made have made and a spindle to keep on learning. Limited to 12 participants only.
Workshop cost per person, includes materials:
Adult | $100
Youth + Student + Senior | $90
Indigenous peoples + MOA Members + UBC Students/Staff/Faculty | $80
Photos by Mark Kaarremaa.

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