Come Play With Us

MOA is pleased to launch Spotlight Taiwan, a new initiative that focuses on Taiwan’s complex and multicultural identity. For the next four years, MOA will explore Taiwanese culture as expressed through its performing arts, religions, living cultural representatives, and highly innovative heritage institutions. Spotlight Taiwan is made possible through the generous support of the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Dr. Samuel Yin.


MOA有幸發起『聚焦台灣』– 一個專門研討台灣複雜且多元性文化的創舉。再來的四年中,MOA將透過表演藝術、宗教、台灣現代文物代表、和祖宗傳承習俗來探索台灣文化。


Come Play With Us
August 27 (1-4pm)
Taiwanese pili puppetry combines modern and ancient technologies, acrobatics, and martial arts to revive and recount ancient tales and tell new ones in the digital world.
Puppetry – Join us for a demonstration/performance by Pili International Multimedia puppet masters.
Film – Attend a special screening of the film Legend of the Sacred Stone (2000).

Costume Contest – Internationally renowned Cosplayers from Taiwan will judge this costume contest, so come dressed as your favourite character to win a prize pack.


Spotlight Taiwan


August 27 (1-4pm)


Republic of China (Tawian), Taiwan Academy, TaiwanFest

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