Daily Tours

MOA Tour

11am / 2pm / Thursday evenings: 6pm
This 60-minute tour explores the highlights of the many Museum galleries. Free with admission, the tour provides visitors with an introduction to the Museum’s Northwest Coast collections, the Koerner European Ceramics collection, and the Multiversity Gallery, as well as an in-depth look at Bill Reid’s The Raven and the First Men. You will also be introduced to the themes of any existing temporary exhibitions.

Guide’s Choice Tours: Until December 31

1pm / 3:30pm
These 30-minute tours are selected by the tour guide who will introduce you to a specific theme, area or exhibition at MOA. The guide will choose from the list below (ask at our information desk for that day’s tours):

  • Potlatch
  • Highlights of the Northwest Coast
  • Koerner Ceramics Gallery
  • Clothing the World
  • Layers of Influence


Outside Tour

25 minutes

This short tour features the Museum’s outside exhibition including the Susan Point house post, the many outdoor poles, and the Haida House village.  Visitors gain an understanding of the ongoing relevance of monumental carvings to contemporary First Nations artists and communities.


Clothing the World: Textile Tour

25 minutes

Drawing on the Museum’s rich textile collection, visitors are introduced to history, manufacturing processes, and the cultural relevance of textiles.  The Clothing the World tour highlights MOA’s global collection featuring textiles from around the world.

Public Programs