Family Day Weekend @MOA

Sunday, February 12
Bring your family to MOA for an irresistible taste of Brazilian culture, in collaboration with ArtStarts!

Capoeira Workshop | 11am
Learn about the art of Capoeira! An Afro-Brazilian art form, capoeira will give families an appreciation for multiculturalism through traditional song, live music and elements of Brazilian dance.
This free event is for MOA Members. Interested in becoming a member?

AxĂ© Capoeira’s Viva Brazil | 1pm
This educational performance of Brazilian culture and history will inspire the whole family. Your pulse will be stimulated by live music, your eyes amazed by gravity-defying acrobats and your body moved by dance!
Free with MOA admission

Don’t forget to celebrate on Saturday with MOA at the ArtStarts Gallery downtown!