Ceramic Artist in Residence: Javier Ramirez

Drop-In Hours
December 8-9, 13-14
3 pm – 3:30 pm
Free with Museum admission

Mexican artist Javier Ramirez will be in residency from December 4 to December 16

Throughout his residency, we encourage visitors to drop into the Cranmer Ceramic Research Room to meet acclaimed Mexican ceramic artist Javier Ramirez. Watch as he works on a Tree of Life sculpture that will become part of MOA’s collection. Visitors will have the opportunity to speak with him about his practice and sources of inspiration.

Trees are important metaphors in Mesoamerican iconography, symbolizing strength, growth, genealogy and the earth’s fertility. Due to their important symbolism, artists have long focused on trees in artistry, specifically in ceramic form as “Trees of Life.” While themes often include biblical scenes, many contemporary artists, including Ramirez choose to represent stories that are decidedly unbiblical. In this way, Ramirez’ work speak of the ongoing dialogue between European and Mesoamerican material culture, specifically to the continued creativity of ceramicists in Mexico.

To celebrate Ramirez’ time at MOA, he will present the completed, two-metre-tall Tree of Life on Thursday, December 15. Please join for the unveiling, remarks, and a dance performance by visiting Mexican performers.

Ceramics Workshops with Javier Ramirez at MOA

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