NY Portuguese Short Film Festival at MOA

MOA is proud to welcome the NY Portuguese Short Film Festival 2015 for its Canadian premiere! The two day Festival consists of the screening of short films produced in Portugal and abroad by Portuguese filmmakers.

Screenings are free with Museum admission.


Please note the schedule is the same on Saturday and Sunday.


11:00 am (3 films)

BEASTS (BESTAS) – 12 minutes
BEASTS is the story of Lucas, a 13 year-old kid that swears vengeance to the man that abuses his mother in exchange for a miserable life. But when he realizes that he hasn’t got the courage to pull it through, he already finds himself in the hands of a bigger predator.
Directors: Rui Neto and Joana Nicolau

Complete Remission is a metaphor between physical and social disease, told through the story of two old friends.
Director: Carlos Melim

EMÍLIA – 15 minutes
Emilia, a young woman part of a generation struggling with the consequences of a country’s economical crises, desperately tries to hold on to her last hope for a prosperous future.
Director: Diogo M. Borges


12:00 pm (3 films)

OOBE – 6 minutes
TO WHAT EXTENT CAN WE BE AWARE OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS? An essay about what is unknown to all of us.
Directors: Joana Maria Sousa and Manuel Carneiro

EXIT ROAD – 13 minutes
Dane thought he left his demons and his drug addiction behind him, but his first day out of prison challenges both his promise to go clean and his very survival. Having exhausted the sympathy of others in neighborhood, Dane’s desperation leads him to test his fate… and grapple with whether his journey leads him to salvation or back into the jaws of addiction.
Director: Yuri Alves

THE RIVER (O RIO) – 10 minutes
Joana and Samuel’s relationship has a specific routine.
Director: António Pinhão Botelho


1:30 pm (3 films)

Trailer of the Documentary Portuguese in Soho – 7 minutes 

AMPHI – 9 minutes
On an infinite desert, between the shortage of life, there lives a population, that in order to live another day has to abdicate one of their own.
Directors: Iuri Monteiro, Francisco Correia, João Garcia, Manuel Prata and Maria Inês Barroqueiro

EMMA’S FINE – 11 minutes
A woman goes to great lengths to hide her daily struggle.
Director: Miguel M. Matias


2:30 pm (2 films)

GU – 15 minutes
In the Portuguese countryside, Gu, a smooth talking romantic, steals a bike from a pair of bullies to go meet his girlfriend in the city; but Gu can only run so long before the bullies – and the truth – catch up to him.
Director: Pedro Marnoto Pereira

THE GIANT (O GIGANTE) – 11 minutes
A giant carries a little girl in his heart. His heart is like a large window from where the little girl discovers and understands the world where we live… One day she will have to leave. With her bag full of dreams and hopes she will start to create a new world from her parent’s heritage. This is growing up!
Directors: Júlio Vanzeler and Luís da Matta Almeida


About the Festival

The mission of the NY Portuguese Short Film Festival is to bring Portuguese culture to the big screen and showcase films with a unique Portuguese perspective. The NYPSFF offers a contemporary Portugal full of ideas and spirit while bridging audiences with different cultural background. The objective of the NY Portuguese Short Film Festival is to promote contemporary Portuguese cinema produced in Portugal and abroad. All short films presented at the NYPSFF are written and directed by Portuguese. The festival is produced and hosted by Arte Institute.

The first ever NY Portuguese Short Film Festival (NYPSFF) in the United States premiered in New York and simultaneously in Lisbon on June 2011. Since 2012, the annual NYPSFF has taken place at Tribeca Cinemas in New York and in Lisbon. It was the first time that a short film festival involving Portuguese cinema and connecting two cities, New York and Lisbon, at the same time, ever happened in the United States. After the success of the NY Portuguese Short Film Festival in New York and Lisbon, Arte Institute took the NYPSFF to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, London and Luanda.


NY Portuguese Short Film Festival at MOA


October 10-11, 11am - 3pm

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