Layers of Influence: Opening Party

Thursday, November 17, 7–9 p.m.
Free admission

Join us for the opening celebration of our latest exhibition, Layers of Influence: Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures.

Curated by Dr. Jennifer Kramer (MOA Curator, Pacific Northwest), Layers of Influence will entrance MOA visitors with large swaths of intricate textiles often worn to enhance the wearer’s prestige, power and spiritual connection, including Japanese kimonos, Indian saris, Indonesian sarongs, West African adinkra, adire and kente cloth, South Pacific barkcloth, Chinese Qing dynasty robes, Indigenous Northwest coast blankets, Maori feather cloaks and more.

Enjoy refreshments, remarks, and a unique performance in response to the exhibition by the UBC Laptop Orchestra, led by Professor Robert Pritchard.
$2 PARKING: Use coupon code KRAMER at the pay station after 5pm.

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