Sepik Artist in Residence

Teddy Balangu, an artist from Papua New Guinea, is in residence at MOA for four months. Sponsored by the Andrew Fellowship, Mr. Balangu is working on a number of carving projects in the Great Hall. Mr. Balangu was born in 1961 in Palembei, where he has lived all his life. In 1995 he was one of 12 carvers selected to spend six months in residence at Stanford University, carving a group of monumental works known as the New Guinea Sculpture Garden. He is particularly renowned for his contemporary interpretations of the graceful and complex roof finials which are traditional to his home village. Many thanks to Elaine Monds, director of the Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, for her invaluable help in enabling Teddy?s visit.

Exhibition Title

Teddy Balangu Carves New Guinea Totem


July - December, 2006