Slovenian Kurent Dance

Thursday October 19 | 7-9 pm
MOA Great Hall
Free with museum admission


Join us for a special evening of Slovenian music, folkloric dance, and festivities to commemorate the arrival of an original, handmade Kurent costume from Slovenia. The Kurent, adorned in a massive sheepskin costume and cow bells, is a powerful spirit figure who comes to chase away winter during the Slovenian rites of spring and fertility known as Kurentovanje. The Vancouver Slovenian Society will be performing live music and dance.

Ansambel Smeh comprises four young musicians playing traditional and modern Slovenian music. “Smeh” means laughter in Slovenian, and you will certainly be entertained by their love of Slovenian folklore. Ansambel Smeh has come directly from Slovenia to play for the Vancouver Slovenian Society and is delighted to take part in this cultural celebration of the Kurent.

The Museum of Anthropology wishes to acknowledge the generous donation of the Slovenian Kurent by His Worship, the Mayor of Ptuj, Slovenia, Mr. Miran Senčar, and the Minister for Slovenians Abroad, Mr. Gorazd Žmavc.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ptuj Regional Museum of Slovenia, Ansambel Smeh.

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