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In the past six months we have hosted three Instameets where photography enthusiasts got a chance to tour our exhibitions, take photos and connect with like-minded individuals. For our next Instagram meetup, we are trying something new and partnering with The One Project for our first StoryMeet. What’s a StoryMeet, you ask?

Bryce Evans says, “It’s a simple idea with a bit of a twist on the standard instameet (photo walk) — bring our community together to explore, connect and actively use the techniques of The One Project. Meet, take photos, tell stories! Photography is a powerful tool that can help foster better communication, creative expression and community. The accessibility of Instagram and mobile cameras is helping this process, making therapeutic photography and storytelling much more common. While it is my goal to create a platform with The One Project that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world — we also want to foster community locally.”

Bryce’s StoryMeet was recently featured on Vancouver is Awesome, and this month he is bringing his StoryMeet to MOA to explore our exhibition Heaven, Hell and Somewhere in Between: Portuguese Popular Art. Join @ontippytoes and @artofbryce as they co-host the event from 6:30pm – 9pm on Tuesday, July 28th to explore projection mappings, Portuguese culture, and popular art.

To participate, follow us on Instagram at @moa_ubc and comment on our StoryMeet post.

The event starts at MOA at 6:30pm for introductions and then we’ll be adventuring around the exhibition, connecting with each other and sharing our stories to start a conversation about how to get more value from your photos with therapeutic and storytelling techniques.


About The One Project:

Learn, heal & grow through your photos. Our mission is to promote therapeutic photography and storytelling as means for better communication, empathy, and understanding towards yourself and others — improving mental wellness. We share insights every Monday on our blog, dig deep into people’s stories every two weeks with our podcast and host a #StoryMeet every month — plus, our new online platform will be launching late 2015. Find them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

About #StoryMeet:

Meet, take photos, tell stories. It’s that simple! #StoryMeet is an instameet-style event bringing our community together to explore, connect and actively use the techniques of The One Project.


StoryMeet, an Instagram meet-up that brings community together to explore, connect and share vidual stories.


Tuesday, July 28, 6:30-9:30pm


For free admission to the event, you must follow @MOA_ubc on Instagram and comment on our #StoryMeet post.

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