Special Thursday Tours

We’re open until 9pm on Thursdays, which means it’s a perfect time to come to the museum and enjoy one of our special guided tours. MOA invites curators as well as local community members, artists, academics, and activists to provide varied and dynamic perspectives about the included works and highlighted themes. Let these guides expand your understanding, direct your attention to critical ideas, and spark your curiosity. Free with museum admission.


Thursday, April 13 | 7pm
Secrets of the Brazilian Amazon
Alessandra Santos, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at UBC, will lead a tour revealing a variety of the hidden secrets of the Brazilian Amazon. Learn about the Trans-Amazonian highway, Indigenous displacement, deforestation, geoglyphs, ancient techniques and more.

Thursday, April 20 | 7pm
Indigenous Self Governance
Join Andrea Vasquez, UBC PhD forestry student, on a tour of Amazonia: The Rights of Nature. A descendant of the Quechua indigenous group in the region, Andrea will speak to the federational Indigenous self-government system in the Peruvian Amazon. As an introduction, there will be a screening of the short film The Invisible Border in the Presentation Circle.

Thursday, April 27 | 7pm
Contemporary Challenges
Gavin Andrews is a Canadian documentary filmmaker featured in Amazonia: The Rights of Nature who lived in the Brazilian Amazon for 15 years. Join Andrews as he discusses the challenges confronted by traditional communities due to rapid changes in “development” and politics in South America’s largest frontier.

Thursday, May 4 | 7pm | CANCELLED

Thursday, June 1 | 7pm
Curator’s Tour
Join curator Nuno Porto (Africa and Latin America) on a special curator’s tour of Amazonia: The Rights of Nature. Commenting on the sophisticated artworks from Amazonian Indigenous cultures on display, this tour explores the importance of traditional knowledge for our common future.

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