One Mind, One Heart: Acknowledgements

Formally recognizing and acknowledging the people who contribute to events such as potlaches, births, deaths, celebrations and exhibits is an important part of Heiltsuk tradition. We thank and honour all those who have given generously of their time and knowledge for this installation in the Multiversity Galleries at the Museum of Anthropology.

The Heiltsuk Tribal Council:
Chief Marilyn Slett, Jessie Housty, and Frances Brown


Gary Wilson, Jessie Housty,
Frances Brown, ‘Nusí, Ian Reid,
Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre,
Jennifer Carpenter (Executive Director)
Rory Housty (Research Assistant), Damien Gillis

Heiltsuk Language Teachers:
Frances Brown, Evelyn Windsor

‘Nusí, Ian Reid for lending
‘Yágis (sea monster mask) for the installation

Photos Courtesy Of:
Julie Carpenter, Keri Coles Photography
Ben Fox, Johanna Gordon-Walker,
Collin Jones, Kai Nagata,
Kevin Starr, Pacific Wild,
Chris Darimont, Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Heiltsuk Students’ Journal Entries:
Bella Bella Community School

Heiltsuk Map:
John Beaudy. Cartographer, Courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum, 1997.

“Cancelled Enbridge Hearings to Resume in Bella Bella,
Youth Embark on Hunger Strike,” April 3, 2012
Damien Gillis, Producer, Zoey Hopkins, Producer
Glen Gould, Producer
April 3, 2012

Excerpts from “William Housty Addresses NEB on Heiltsuk
Culture Threat of Oil Spill.” April 13, 2012
Damien Gillis, Producer

“We’re Here To Stay.” Excerpts from the web
documentary “End Of The Line.”
Stephanie Brown, Producer, Director
Kai Nagata, Producer, Director

Pam Brown, Heiltsuk Nation
Museum of Anthropology.

Designer: David Cunningham
iPad Development: Mawuena Glymin

Media Assistant: Sandy Chu

Photographic Credits

Pacific Wild: Photo 1, Aerial view of Bella
Photos 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16,
21, Heiltsuk Territory; Photo 17, Heiltsuk
Mortuary Pole

Julie Carpenter: Photo 7, Mitch Clifton, Crab
Photo 9, Clam Harvest, 2010

Johanna Gordon-Walker: Photo 4, Shelby
Williams (left) and Nathaniel Mason (right)
visit herring grounds with SEAS (Supporting
Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) program at
Bella Bella Community School

Kevin Starr: Photo 12, Koeye Camp; Photo
14, Koeye Camp, Sharing Heiltsuk Culture;
Photo 18, Barbecuing Fish; Photo 19, Koeye
Camp, Archer Dancer;
Photo 20, Koeye Camp

Chris Darimont: Photo 1, Cheryl Reid and Monika
Johnson at Heiltsuk Rally;
Photo 7 and Photo 8,
Heiltsuk feast to welcome guests for Joint Review
Panel Meetings;
Photo 9, Marilyn Slett, (Heiltsuk Chief
Photo 10, Jessie Housty, (Heiltsuk
Photo 11, William Housty; Photo 12,
Heiltsuk singers at community feast; Photo 15, Start of
the Joint Review panel hearings

Pacific Wild: Photo 2, Heiltsuk Rally;
Photo 3, Heiltsuk Singers at Rally;
Photo 4, Heiltsuk Chiefs welcoming Waúyala at airport
in Bella Bella;
Photo 5, Van carrying Joint Review
Panel Members;
Photo 6, Heiltsuk Rally

Keri Coles Photography: Photo 14, Heiltsuk singers
at opening of Joint Review Panel hearings in Bella
Bella, April 2012

Colin Jones: Photo 13, Allie Joy says no to Enbridge

Kai Nagata: Photo 16, Heiltsuk travelling to
Shearwater to attend Joint Review Panel Hearings