MOA Evening Function Sound Management

The MOA Facility Rentals Program provides essential revenue to MOA operations through the rental of MOA spaces to outside organizations and individuals. Our tent-able hilltop is a popular location for wedding bookings. In order to cooperate successfully with MOA’s residential neighbours, MOA follows several best practises for these special events:

  • Wedding receptions with amplified music (DJ or band) take place on Saturday evenings or on Sunday evenings that fall before a holiday-Monday. Weddings and other celebrations may take place at MOA on other days of the week, but any amplified music for these will be enjoyed in the Museum’s Haida Houses or indoor Lobby and not on the tent-able hilltop.

  • Amplified music ceases at 12:30 am, and all guests depart MOA’s grounds by 1:00 am.

  • MOA does not host wedding receptions on the tent-able hilltop on two consecutive evenings (i.e. no outdoor weddings two days in a row).

  • MOA’s Public Services Manager (or another permanent staff person) is in attendance at the museum for the duration of every event using amplified music on the tent-able hilltop. The manager will monitor the decibels of the music throughout the evening and work with the sound provider to keep the volume down. While we know that this music will not be entirely undetectable, MOA is following the North Campus Guide for Managing Outdoor Noise, which provides some guidelines on appropriate noise levels for this area of the campus. Extra MOA Security is also secured for all Facility Rentals held at MOA to aid in this monitoring.


MOA’s Public Services Manager is Gwilyn Timmers. You can reach her at or 604.822.4643 with any questions or concerns.