Become a MOA Volunteer

MOA volunteers contribute time and expertise to many of the programs, activities and events at the Museum. MOA’s success depends on the support of energetic, enthusiastic and well trained volunteers.

The Volunteer Associates

Volunteers become members of a self-governing Volunteer Association that works under the direction of Museum staff to meet many of MOA’s public education, research and collections needs. Volunteers contribute their expertise through the following committees:

  • Archaeology Collections and Programs
  • Collections and Conservation
  • Educational Programs
  • Gallery Guided Tours
  • Library and archives
  • Lobby Information Desk
  • Research
  • Textiles

Volunteer Recruitment
Recruitment for 2016 is now complete. New volunteers are recruited in the spring and summer of each year. Information on our 2017 recruitment and orientation program will be available in late winter.

Volunteer Training
Each September there is an information session, interviews and a general orientation for all new volunteers. This is followed by a training session, MOA 101, which takes place for three consecutive days in mid-September. After completing MOA 101, new volunteers join their committee and are required to undertake training specific to their committee.
Volunteers are required to participate in two or more relevant UBC Anthropology courses within their first five years of service. There is no cost to the volunteer in taking these courses. Volunteers with specific skills and experience may be invited to work on special projects.

Volunteers are expected to commit a minimum of 75 hours a year to the museum. Service hours include meetings, seminars, training related to committee work and program delivery.

Interested in volunteering? Please email