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Remixing Art and Indigeneity, Again

MOA is very excited to host our upcoming Global Dialogue: Remixing Art and Indigeneity, Again. This event (May 12, 10 am to 6 pm) features a collaboration of artists, scholars and curators inspired by the artistic legacy of Doug Crammer. A variety of topics will be addressed, including, alternative expressions of artistic engagement and resistance used by Indigenous artists for decades, the complexities of participating in the art market, and the critical role of Indigenous curators.

Joining us is curator, author, and scholar Paul Chaat Smith, who is currently Associate Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. Paul Chaat Smith has written the books Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong and Like a Hurricane: the Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee. His writinh focuses on the landscapes, politics, and cultures of the American Indian. Paul Chaat Smith encourages others to “hit the reset button about Native discourse.” His work is powered by the desire to create this kind of awareness and instil a new way of thinking. He addresses the inspiration for Everything You Know about Indians is Wrong in this Q&A with Paul Chaat Smith.

Another notable contributor to the Dialogue, Remixing Art and Indigeneity, Again, is art icon, educator, and activist Louie Gong. He is the founder of the company Eighth Generation, which infuses traditional Coast Salish art with icons from popular culture. Gong strives to make impacting impressions about identity by clashing cultural concepts of different worlds. The work below by Louie Gong is called “Wolf-Chucks”. Louie has many other, one-of-a-kind, authentic youth inspired designs which can be admired on his website:

Louie Gong’s work is an expression on behalf of people who walk in multiple worlds, and has received a lot of recent media attention. ”UNRESERVED: The Work of Louie Gong,” is a short

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film which captures Louie’s unique style of merging art and activism. The film is currently screening at festivals around the world. To watch a teaser of Gong’s short film and learn about his inspiration, click on the following link: UNRESERVED Trailer.