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Home Rhythms with MOA

Home Rhythms with MOA is a new music lesson series offered to families and kids of all ages. These educational videos demonstrate the process of building collaborative music at home. Join Olivia Shaw, MOA Public Programs Assistant and music teacher, as she hosts vibrant musical play dates. From body percussion to homemade instruments using household objects, Home Rhythms takes a creative approach to making sounds—no fancy instruments necessary!

Through these short lessons, explore the possibilities of learning through storytelling, music and play. Along the way, children will learn about percussion, harmony and exploring world cultures through music.

Olivia is joined by special musical guest Balam Santos Antonio (Kin Balam), an El Salvador-born, Vancouver-based musician and youth worker. He has performed at MOA’s popular Sound House series.


Episode 3

In this final episode of Home Rhythms, Olivia’s friend and musical collaborator Kin Balam discuss some of his inspiration for music making. They explore how music can be inspired by the natural world around us. Learn about traditional clay flutes from MOA’s Collections Online and experience some of the beautiful music Kin Balam creates with his own hands and heart.

Episode 2

In this episode, Olivia takes inspiration from MOA’s Collections Online to explore the world of stringed instruments. She and Balam are joined by special guests to create an empowering collaborative song.

Episode 1

In the first episode of the series, Olivia and local musician, Balam Santos Antonio (Kin Balam), teach us to make a collaborative new song using only rhythmic body percussions and layered vocals.