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MOA’s Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

In the wake of the violent hate crimes in Atlanta, which killed eight people including six women of Asian descent on March 16, 2021, MOA condemns the surge of recent and ongoing anti-Asian racism across the continent. MOA stands in solidarity with members of the Asian communities at UBC, Vancouver and beyond. We also acknowledge that the murders in Atlanta are underscored by misogyny and anti-sex worker sentiment, which cannot be untangled from these racist acts of violence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 83% of people reporting racist incidents in Canada were of East Asian heritage. 70% of those targeted in BC were women. We are aware there are many more unreported and invisible cases as the Asian communities have not been so vocal to share their varied experiences, especially about being the target of racism. We are grateful that they are now speaking up to share their painful experiences with us, and we are determined to listen to these voices.

We are reminded of the continuous systematic racism targeted at Indigenous and other cultural communities of colour in Canada and around the world. MOA is committed to advancing the causes of respect, inclusiveness, and diversity not only within our own institution, but in society. We must come together and support each other and take action. Racism and hate of any nature have no place in our world.

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