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2021 Native Youth Program Wrap Update

2021 Native Youth Program cohort with Nancy Lee from the Emily Carr University IM4 Lab. Photo by River Ironeagle-Mindel.

This past summer we welcomed Safoura Rigi-Ladiz as the NYP Manager and River Ironeagle-Mindel as the Program Assistant. They were joined by six secondary students: Tamara Hall, Amai Campbell-K, Makenzie Kew, Gabrielle Ironeagle, Kiera Yeomans, and Mackenzie Fong, an NYP Alumni.

Meeting Monday to Friday for seven weeks, the group engaged with a range of Indigenous artists and knowledge holders, and learned about their own and other Indigenous cultures.

A Sound Journey with the NYP

For their final project the student workers created an audio documentary with CiTR Discorder 101.9FM (UBC campus radio). The special episode titled “Where We Begin: A Collection of Origin Stories” takes a unique approach to exploring identity through sound. The piece also features an original song “Jailbird” by Mackenzie Fong. The audio documentary broadcasted live on August 20, 2021.