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MOA’s Textile Collection: Textiles and World Trade with Marilyn Bild

Learn more about the connection between textiles and world trade by examining some of the objects in MOA’s rich textile collection. In this video, we look at China’s historic silk production monopoly and trade via the Silk Road; the influence of Indian patterns and mordant dyeing on Japanese and Indonesian textiles; the influence of cochineal red dye from the Americas on European fabrics; fur trade in North America through the Hudson’s Bay Company; Chilkat blankets made with dye extracted from English woolen blankets; and Salish blankets made from mountain goat fur, obtained through trade with the mainland of British Columbia.

Watch the video below:

Speaker Biography

Marilyn Bild has been a MOA Volunteer Associate for over 10 years. She started her MOA career on the Education Committee, presenting programs to school groups and is now a Gallery Guide. Marilyn has also held a number of executive positions on the MOA Volunteer Associates Council, including Education Committee co-chair, Continuing Education and Enrichment co-chair and Council president.

Objects discussed

Robe, Chinese: [MOA Collections N1.68] Marioneta (string puppet) of Vasco da Gama, Portuguese: [MOA Collections 2956/295a-b] Woodblock print, Japanese: [MOA Collections N2.801] Beauty of the East, Japaneses: [MOA Collections 795/92] Patolu (Sari), Indian: [MOA Collections 764/1] Textile, Inca: [MOA Collections H1.33] Mandarin rank badge: [MOA Collections Edz1545] Embroidered cloth, Chancay: [MOA Collections 2990/890] Beaver pelt, Dunne-Za: [MOA Collections 998/5] Jacket, BC Northern Interior: [MOA Collections 409/1] ḵa̱ngex̱tola (Button Blanket), Kwakwaka’wakw: [MOA Collections 1292/1] Chilkat Robe, Northwest Coast: [MOA Collections 2507/1] swəw̓q̓ʷaʔɬ (Blanket), Musqueam: [MOA Collections Nbz 841]