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Staff Directory

To contact individuals on this list, please call 604.822.5087, Monday to Friday, or use the email listed.

Director’s Office

Susan Rowley, Director — moa.director@ubc.ca

Moya Waters, Associate Director — moya.waters@ubc.ca

Tara Pike, Assistant to the Director — tara.pike@ubc.ca

Operations + Special Projects

Moya Waters, Associate Director (Department Head) — moya.waters@ubc.ca

Brannen Bell, Facility Manager — brannen.bell@ubc.ca

Kate Melkert, Exhibition Manager — kate.melkert@ubc.ca

Anthony Barker, IT Manager — anthony.barker@ubc.ca

Cody Rocko, Graphic Designer — cody.rocko@ubc.ca

Curatorial + Design

Karen Duffek, Curator, Contemporary Visual Arts + Pacific Northwest (Department Head) — karen.duffek@ubc.ca

Skooker Broome, Manager, Design — skooker.broome@ubc.ca

Jennifer Kramer, Curator, Pacific Northwest — jennifer.kramer@ubc.ca

Carol E. Mayer, Senior Curator, Pacific + World Ceramics — carol.mayer@ubc.ca

Fuyubi Nakamura, Curator, Asia — fuyubi.nakamura@ubc.ca

Nuno Porto, Curator, Africa + South America — nuno.porto@ubc.ca

Susan Rowley, Curator, Arctic and Public Archeology — susan.rowley@ubc.ca

Collections Care + Access

Heidi Swierenga, Senior Conservator (Department Head) — heidi.swierenga@ubc.ca

Nancy Bruegeman, Collections Manager — nancy.bruegeman@ubc.ca

Kaitlin Chamberlain, Collections Assistant — kaitlin.chamberlain@ubc.ca

Teija Dedi, Loans Registrar — teija.dedi@ubc.ca

Sarah E. Holland, Indigenous Internship Program Lead — sarahelizabeth.holland@ubc.ca

Shabnam Honarbakhsh, Collections Coordinator — shabnam.honarbakhsh@ubc.ca

Cait Pilon, Collections Coordinator — cait.pilon@ubc.ca

Mauray Toutloff, Conservator — mauray.toutloff@ubc.ca

Alissa Cherry, Research Manager — alissa.cherry@ubc.ca

Katie Ferrante, Museum + Digital Asset Archivist — katie.ferrante@ubc.ca

Gerald Lawson, Oral History + Language Lab Coordinator — gerry.lawson@ubc.ca

Emily Teh, Library + Archives Assistant — emily.teh@ubc.ca

Engagement + Programming

Jill Baird, Curator, Education (Department Head) — jill.baird@ubc.ca

Amina Chergui, Education Coordinator – amina.chergui@ubc.ca

Damara Jacobs-Petersen, Curator of Indigenous Programming — damara.jp@ubc.ca

Amanda Morris, Bookings Coordinator + Receptionist — amanda.morris@ubc.ca


Anna Pappalardo, Assistant Director (Department Head) — anna.pappalardo@ubc.ca

Melanie Lawrence, Manager, Administration — melanie.lawrence@ubc.ca

Katherine Ransom, Admissions Floor Supervisor — katherine.ransom@ubc.ca

Gwilyn Timmers, Public Services Manager — gwilyn.timmers@ubc.ca

Bonnie Sun, Senior Marketing + Communications Manager — bonnie.sun@ubc.ca

Kristi Fuoco, Marketing + Communications Coordinator — kristi.fuoco@ubc.ca

Sharon Haswell, Shop Manager — sharon.haswell@ubc.ca

Jill Lindsay, Shop Floor Supervisor — jill.lindsay@ubc.ca

Hollie Lo, Shop Financial Processing Specialist — hollie.lo@ubc.ca