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Green College Interdisciplinary Series: Living With the Dead, Cultural Heritage, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities

How important to the present are people and things from the past? This lecture and discussion series invites speakers from a range of disciplines – including archaeology, cultural activism, anthropology and sociology – to discuss the role of the past in the present. Speakers will pay special attention to the ways by which Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples consider and activate their cultural pasts in their contemporary lives. The Living with the Dead series will culminate in an exhibition at MOA, Arts of Resistance: Politics and the Past in Latin America, which opens in May 2018 and will display contemporary art from across Latin America to illustrate how the past may be imagined, represented and politicized.

Living with the Dead is co-sponsored and co-hosted by the Museum of Anthropology.

Seminars in this series

Wednesday February 28, 2018: The European Invention of Aztec Human Sacrifice, with Maarten E.R.G.N. Jansen and Gabina Aurora Pérez Jiménez, Heritage of Indigenous Peoples, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University

Wednesday March 28, 2018: The Distribution of Egyptian Archeology to the World’s Museum, Alice Stevenson, Museum Studies, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Wednesday April 4, 2018: Witnessing and Stewardship, Reflections on Living with the Dead: A Closing Panel, with Sylvia Berryman and Alison Wylie, Philosophy, UBC