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MOA Donors + Funders

MOA would like to acknowledge those who gave so generously in 2019-2020 to the Museum, its exhibitions, publications, acquisitions and public programs. Thank you for your support!

MOA Support

Anonymous x 5

Michael Audain

Kym Aughtry

Jes Beirholm

Paul Bennett

Ron Bourgeois

John Briggs

Joyce Chan

Pamela Cohen

C.P. Daniels

Stuart Derdeyn

Jane Durante

Nusheen Dhamani

Enrico O. Dobrzensky

Carol Evans

Anne-Marie Fenger

James Fletcher

Donald Forsyth

Nancy Gerrie

Jacqueline Gijssen

Irene Goldstone

Gravity Productions Inc.

Chit Chan Gunn

Justin Habashi

Donald Hogarth

Evelyn Harden

Frederick Hood

Michael Hudson

Sandra Ingham

Frans Jansen

Jack Jefferson

George Jorgensen

Robert Kellogg

Stephen Kennedy

John Kuiper

Joanna Lehmann

Adriana Leone

William Longstaff

Reva Malkin

James McKenzie

Frances Mitchell

Elizabeth Montgomery

Susan R. Moogk

Molly Moriarty

Cornelia Oberlander

Henriette Orth

Anne Piternick

Elizabeth Pollard

Kassie Ruth

Sue Sargent

Peter Stevenson-Moore

Ronnie Tessler

Brian Thair

James Tiampo

Connie Wai

Wendy Warren

Dorothy Warwicker

Robert Welty

Christine Wiesenthal

Kathryn Woodward

The Wrage Family Fund

Indigenous Internship Program

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program

MOA Intern Support

Judith Eyrl

Acquisition Fund


Michael and Inna O’Brian Family Foundation

Millie Morton

Native Youth Program

Cynthia McLean

Patrick and Beryl Campbell Charitable Trust

Annie Yeung

Gwendolyn Yip

Audrey Hawthorn Fund for Publications in Museum Anthropology Endowment

Doris A. Livingstone

Audrey Hawthorn Research Support


Kathryn J. Weisman

MOA Publication Fund

Gary Bell

Charlotte Lawson

North-West Ceramics Foundation

Beverley Tamboline

UBS Bank (Canada)

John H.A. Grant Memorial Award

Kathleen G. Jaeger

Hillary Stewart Endowment for First Nations Programs

Robyn Stewart

Other Support

Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society

BC Arts Council

Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program

Canadian Heritage Cultural Spaces Program

Canadian Heritage Young Canada Works

List represents gifts received between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.