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Online Lessons For Teachers

As the world adapts to the new realities of digital engagement, we adapt with it. To support the work of teachers, parents and caretakers, MOA’s Education department has been busy compiling lesson ideas that bring world cultures, new ideas and new experiences into the home classroom. We hope that these resources can help students stay engaged while staying home.

The online lessons below are drawn from MOA’s online Teacher Resources. Use these pre-prepared lessons below or explore the original resources to find activities that suit your needs.

If you have any questions, please email the MOA Education team at

Musqueam Teaching Kit—Teacher Resource

Lesson: Critical Media Analysis

Lesson: kʷθə sƛ̓ənəq ʔə ƛ̓ ʔəy̓alməxʷ—Potlatch at Jericho Village

Lesson: ctamət tə sweyəl?—How’s the Weather?

Lesson: tə ʔi n̓a ɬeq̓əməx—Animation History of the Fraser River Delta

Lesson: snəw̓eyəɬs tə xʷəlməxʷ—Teachings of the Community (Grades 3–7)

Lesson: Writing the Land

Lesson: Musqueam Through Time

Voices of the Canoe—Teacher Resource

Unit 1, Origin Stories and the Canoe: Introduction Activities

Unit 1, Lesson 1: Origin Stories and the Canoe: Establishing Significance

Unit 1, Lesson 2: Origin Stories and the Canoe: Squamish + Fijian Flood Stories

Unit 1, Lesson 3: Origin Stories and the Canoe: Tell Your Own Story

Unit 2, Lesson 1: Primary Sources as Historical Evidence (Grades 8–10, Social Studies)

English as a Second Language—Teacher + Student Resource

Lesson: The Diversity of First Nations in BC: Mapping Exercise (Grades 4–8, Social Studies)

Digital Territories + Language Map—Teacher Resource

Lesson: Territories, Language + Treaties