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Archaeology of the Lower Fraser River (Live Digital)

Be an archaeologist for a day! Discover the rich, 9,000-year history of the First Nations people who lived along the lower Fraser River by learning about their lifeways, tools and technologies. These 50-minute virtual programs were designed in collaboration with archaeologists from the Laboratory of Archaeology at UBC.

You can select between two digital program options:

  • Archaeology of the Lower Fraser River: Hunting + Fishing
  • Archaeology of the Lower Fraser River: Woodworking + Home Life

During the program students will discover the rich 9,000-year history of First Nation communities along the Lower Fraser River. With the help of volunteer facilitators during the live digital component, students will learn about the lifeways, tools and technology used by First Nations people in the past.  Students will be encouraged to think about how cultural belongings were made and used long ago. By understanding the deep knowledge First Nations required to create tools and belongings, students will enhance their respect for First Nations Cultures today.

The live digital session is part of an overall unit plan, with prerequisite lessons that show the techniques used by archaeologists to find and identify the belongings.

Once you book this school program, you will receive the complete unit plan by email, along with confirmation of date and time of the live digital component.

  • Grades: 4 – 7
  • Duration (for live digital component only): 30 minutes + 20 minutes Q+A
  • Times (for live digital component only): Wednesdays, morning (10 am or 11 am) or afternoon (1 pm or 1:30 pm)
  • Fee: $100 + GST/class

To book this program, please submit a booking request.