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Programs Media + Production Assistant/Intern (PMPA)

Job Title: Programs Media + Production Assistant/Intern (PMPA)

Deadline to Apply: June 14, 2020

Desired Start Date: June 29, 2020

Compensation: $18.09 hourly

Duration: July 2020–July 2021

Hours Per Week: 35

International Applicants: Yes

Job Description:

The position of Programs Media and Production Assistant/Intern (PMPA) is entry level professional work creating curatorial, education, and public programming content. The PMPA will work under the supervision of the Curator of Public Programs and Engagement, assisting in the development and delivery of MOA’s public and educational programming throughout the year. Their responsibilities are consistent with the level of skill, care and attention expected of a recently graduated UBC or Emily Carr media student.

MOA is a place of worlds arts and cultures and offers exposure to a range of curatorial practices, cultural contexts and a wide range of interactions with professional artists, researchers, curators, cultural knowledge holders and others. This connects directly to MOA’s mandate as a teaching museum and its focus on engaging with critical issues and contemporary culture.

The focus of programming will have 5 parts:

  1. Digital online program offerings
  2. Exhibition programming
  3. Thursday evening programming
  4. Weekend programming for kids & families and adults
  5. Educational programming

The Programs Assistant (PMPA) will work closely with the Curator of Public Programs and Engagement and will be involved with every step of the process from preliminary discussions to showtime. The person chosen for this position will have extensive experience creating media-based content and physically managing live performance.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Administrative paperwork, communications with artists and colleagues, and time management between these and the programming production tasks will be balanced throughout the successful candidate’s employment at MOA.

Due to COVID-19, the first 6 or more months of programming will be online. During this time your role will be to assist in the production of digital programming both live and recorded. You will be working with curators, educators, volunteers, artists, and the communications team to produce high quality content. If and when MOA is ready to welcome visitors back to the museum for programming your work will be balanced between administrative paperwork, email communication, space and supply preparation, and on-the-ground program management, requiring effective communication and team-work, and leadership and decision-making under pressure.

Online Programming Responsibilities

May include the following but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in the production of digital media offerings for multiple departments including Education, Public Programming, and Curatorial under the direction of the Curator of Public Programs and Engagement.
  • Duties include all facets of media production and post-production; video, audio, editing, etc.
  • Assisting in the recording, editing, and finalizing of other online offerings such as live performance videos, educational videos, academic dialogs, documentary video production, live social media content creation.
  • Developing and delivering lessons for kids and adults in connection to the museum’s mission and collections.
  • Researching and development.
  • Drafting contract agreements, organizing honoraria and invoice payments for vendors, artist, caterers, supply, rentals etc.

On-Site Programming Responsibilities

The PMPA will contribute to a variety of assignments in order to successfully plan and implement MOA’s offerings of on-site and online public programs. PMPA responsibilities consist of the assisting with the following:

  • Research and development.
  • Organizing honoraria and invoice payments for vendors, artist, caterers, supply, rentals etc.
  • Communicating with Programs Curator to prepare information about the event themes and participants for the purpose of marketing and communications.
  • Minute taking at programming meetings.
  • Coordinating meetings and site-checks for artists
  • Liaising between Curator of Public Programs, artists and technical support teams (such as Sound Tech).
  • Set-up for public programming often with a team of student staff or volunteers.
  • Collaborating with your supervisor to plan and deliver workshops for kids & families on weekends.
  • Contribute to the needs of the Education and Public Programs department.



The successful candidate must be a recent UBC or Emily Carr undergraduate or graduate student coming directly out of their program (i.e. has graduated in the past 12 months). A minimum of 2 years’ experience in media production (videography, audio and video editing) and performance-based artistic practices is a must.

Additional studies and experience in fine arts, art history, history, anthropology, political science, geography, humanities, First Nations and Indigenous studies, cultural studies, women’s studies, and museum education are all strong secondary credentials. The student should show an interest in contemporary visual and performing arts, education, diverse cultures, and the role of museums in society.

An interest in pedagogical approaches and public education is an asset as the PMPA will be required to design and facilitate drop-in workshops for young and adult audiences once it is safe to do so. Skills such as research, excellent customer service, confident public speaking, administrative organization, working under pressure, and being able to anticipate needs are assets.

A great fit for this job is a person who loves interacting with the public; is proactive; keen to immerse themselves in new areas of knowledge; thinks clearly and calmly under pressure, and most importantly someone who is passionate about listening and learning from others whether they be skilled professionals, scholars, volunteers, youth or visiting museum publics.

Essential Hard Skills:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Social media live content platforms
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Digital videography, audio recording, editing, interviewing, and storytelling
  • Comfortable troubleshooting media-based environments.

Essential Soft Skills:

  • Enthusiastic, open minded, and creative.
  • Able and willing to do physically challenging and intellectually rigorous tasks.
  • Culturally respectful and socially conscious
  • Practical without sacrificing exceptional quality
  • Punctual, organized, and well spoken
  • Ready and willing to take direction from their supervisor
  • Capable of working independently and collaboratively
  • Capable of taking on leadership roles when necessary
  • Passionate about community building and wellbeing
  • A committed team player
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Genuinely interested in the advancement of diversity and inclusion for all.
  • An excellent communicator that is capable of multitasking in a high-pressure environment with composure and kindness.


Intern Learning Components

Community Building Opportunities:

Working at MOA in this field is a great stepping stone to putting ideas into practice. This will greatly benefit the Programs Assistant (PMPA) in future work, especially those interested in working with the public beyond the museum. This position offers the opportunity to further one’s understanding and contribution to contemporary cultural discourse; the value of Indigenous histories, cultures, and perspectives; the importance of cultural collections; the opportunity to work with artists representing diverse cultures and artistic approaches, while exposing them to collaborative working environments across disciplines.

Through interactions with curators, artists, designers, volunteers and professionals from a range of disciplines, the Programs Assistant (PMPA) will be able to build new networks and strengthen existing ones.

MOA is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage the application of people in visible and invisible minorities including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and the Intellectually Diverse.


How to Apply:

  1. Prepare a one page cover letter.
  2. Prepare a resume that includes pertinent work and volunteering experience.
  3. Email Marie Wustner, Curator of Public Programs + Engagement at
  4. Attached the above prepared documents.
  5. Title the email with “[YOUR NAME +] PMPA INTERNSHIP”