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Research Volunteer

Research Committee volunteers are involved in valuable behind-the-scenes work. Research is conducted according to the needs of MOA Curators who require specific information pertaining to various aspects of our museum collection. Research volunteers are required to find missing and contextual information that includes ethnicities, use of objects, original languages, and biographies on artists. Other research could include scrutinizing ancient journals, transcribing recorded interviews, and conducting research for exhibitions, publications, collections and archival projects, and public programs. Some research areas include Cantonese Opera costumes, African and Islamic Collections and Chinese embroidery.

Research volunteers are required to be:

  • Self-motivated individuals who are proactive
  • Dedicated to unveiling new information
  • Enthusiastic about new learning
  • Comfortable in using online and bibliographical resources
  • Willing to work outside their area of expertise
  • Reliable
  • Accessible
  • Able to engage independent research
  • Able to report upon various project findings


All new volunteers are required to attend all three sessions of MOA 101: Introductory Training Seminar. Dates will be announced during our active recruitment period. Training will continue with the Research Manager after MOA 101. Research Committee volunteers should attend museum events, exhibition programs, guided tours, and committee and general meetings as part of the continuous training. Research volunteers are provided with training on how to use online resources such as the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN) and the MOA CAT (Collections Online).


  • Minimum 2-year term
  • 4 hours per week
  • Evenings to attend meetings every 3–4 months